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rachel / 19/ california

I fall in love with things far too easily. But mostly coffee and books. I laugh too loud and too easily. I like going up to random people and starting conversations with them to find out who they are. I find the smells of bakeries and book stores intoxicating. I don't know how to be comfortable with myself.

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7:30 pm    
April 20 2014

Kurt Cobain inspired me not to kill myself. I would rather live a miserable life than be worshipped in death as a hero that I am not. I am sick of suicide and depression being romanticized.

— Morrissey  (via bluegirls)

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April 20 2014

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April 20 2014

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April 20 2014

Am I broken? I don’t know if this can be fixed, whatever “this” is. 

All I am is a collection of flesh and bones and I have tried for nineteen years to abuse myself out.

You can’t recover when you don’t deem yourself worthy enough to be treated decently. 

I see the beauty in everyone but myself. 

I have tried searching for it at the ends of books, in tangible achievements, at the bottoms of bottles and the ends of cigarettes, but it always eludes me. 

Maybe I cannot find the good in me because the good does not exist. 

4:28 pm
April 20 2014


Doodle cause I can’t focus on anything today….

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April 20 2014

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April 20 2014

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April 20 2014
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April 20 2014

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April 19 2014